Last August we went to Budapest and had long weekend in Corinthia Budapest and straight after we flu to Malta to visit Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa and Corinthia St George’s Bay.

The Corinthia Hotel Budapest is certainly one of the most prestigious and well-known hotels in Budapest. Hotel is mixture of old & new, classic & modern, very stylish yet cozy, just like the city itself.

That was the 1st time in the city that I didn’t feel like going out from the hotel, even though location is the best possible and all our fav bars and restaurants are short walking distance away.

One of the most famous facilities at the Corinthia Hotel has to be The Royal Spa. This Art deco Spa is original from the 19th century and a beautiful glass ceiling covers the 15 meter swimming pool.

The Rickshaw restaurant offers a wide range of Oriental Fusion dishes in a moody atmosphere ideal for a romantic dinner or a chill night with friends.

After just a few days in Malta I had exactly the same feeling…

Both Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa and Corinthia St George’s Bay are the essence of this charming Mediterranean island.

Huge food selection and unbelievable big portion (which I was surprised by everywhere in Malta) are like the trademark of the island.

And what still lingering in my memory are pool areas in both hotels. Refreshing water, cold cocktails and afternoon well spend hiding under parasol are all you need to beat summer heat.

A unrivaled example of the real magic of Malta.

Corinthia is a collection of hotels in some of the most exciting places in the world like London, Moscow, Prague, St Petersburg, Budapest, Tripoli, Lisbon, Khartoum…
Can not wait to visit the next one!

by Jelena